Online Transport Archive (OTA) was established as a company limited by guarantee in 2000 to administer a growing collection of cine films, slides, negatives, prints and commercial postcards relating to all forms of transport. It is the aim of the archive that the collections are accessible to publishers and to bona fide researchers, and where possible used in such a way that they will support fundraising activities for preservation projects. Charitable status was achieved in January 2004.

The OTA has aims and objectives, which formed part of the charity application process and a plan has been created around the following key business objectives:

1. To receive transport-related film and photograph collections as and when they become available

2. To undertake essential conservation work on collections, for example, digitising existing film and slide material to protect the integrity of the image against deterioration and to enhance it if this has already taken place

3. To continue to develop agreements with appropriate bodies to facilitate making the material available to the public at large

4. To work with bona fide researchers seeking access to the archive material

We've all admired the work of earlier enthusiasts. OTA simply wants our work to be properly preserved and accessed by the enthusiasts of the future. OTA's directors hope you will endorse our aims and objectives - should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by email at secretary@onlinetransportarchive.org or write to the following address: Online Transport Archive (Secretary), 25 Monksmoor Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 5AG.

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