I Want a Safe Home For My Collection

Enthusiasts spend many hours and a large sum of money recording the transport scene through photography. This great cost not only consists of film, but also transport, accommodation and tickets � if we all sat down and worked out how much we had invested over the years we would have quite a shock! Members of the OTA board are no different and work hard to make sure this �investment� is protected and the work preserved for future generations, including their own material which shows great faith in the future and security OTA can offer.

There is no point in ignoring the eventual inevitability of death but sadly many enthusiasts do. It is unfortunate that priceless collections have been lost in recent years and still some people refuse to consider making a will!

The OTA is well equipped to care for your work which, of course, to you is a lifetime of commitment. Naturally you will want to know more about the OTA and the people behind the Society before making any decisions. You can read more about the board members on the Directors page, all of whom are genuine transport enthusiasts with a shared objective - to avoid any further great collections being lost forever!

Please consider the future and security of your material carefully.

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